Cheap Hotels in London

Top Cheap Accommodation in London

Hotels in London: Cheap hotels

HotelStarsDiscountPrice before and discountSelect dates
The Phoenix Hostel-40%78 47 View hotel
Smart Hyde Park View Hostel-19%114 92 View hotel
Smart Camden Inn Hostel-32%113 77 View hotel
St Christopher's Greenwich-48%85 44 View hotel
Book A Bed Hostels-50%56 28 View hotel
St Christopher's Inn Village - London Bridge-44%129 72 View hotel
PubLove @ The Steam Engine,Waterloo-50%230 114 View hotel
Astor Kensington Hostel-60%144 58 View hotel
Hootananny Hostel-16%69 58 View hotel
Astor Museum Hostel-53%147 69 View hotel


Hotels in London: 1stars

HotelStarsDiscountPrice before and discountSelect dates
Central London Rooms-23%166 128 View hotel
15 New Row-8%197 180 View hotel
City View Hotel Stratford-41%131 77 View hotel
Daisy Hotel-8%71 65 View hotel
Euro Hotel Harrow-21%142 112 View hotel


Hotels in London: 2 stars

HotelStarsDiscountPrice before and discountSelect dates
Star Hotel★★-25%140 105 View hotel
Stansted Lodge Guest House★★-13%86 74 View hotel
72QT★★-30%160 112 View hotel
Marylebone Inn★★-26%317 235 View hotel
Kip Hotel★★-14%128 110 View hotel
Central Comfort Rooms★★-39%157 95 View hotel
St Athans Hotel★★-25%152 114 View hotel
Angus Hotel★★-20%125 100 View hotel
Central Station★★-38%278 174 View hotel
Earls Court Hotel★★-55%163 73 View hotel


Hotels in London: romantic

HotelStarsDiscountPrice before and discountSelect dates
Windfalls Boutique Hotel★★★★★-11%209 185 View hotel
Milestone Hotel Kensington★★★★★-10%707 635 View hotel
45 Park Lane - Dorchester Collection★★★★★-23%1 420 1 087 View hotel
Covent Garden Hotel, Firmdale Hotels★★★★★-9%838 760 View hotel
Bulgari Hotel London★★★★★-23%1 348 1 037 View hotel
The Goring★★★★★-6%886 837 View hotel
Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park★★★★★-13%1 258 1 090 View hotel
The Prince Akatoki London★★★★★-16%467 391 View hotel
The Berkeley★★★★★-17%1 098 908 View hotel
COMO The Halkin★★★★★-27%675 496 View hotel


Hotels in London: family

HotelStarsDiscountPrice before and discountSelect dates
Taj 51 Buckingham Gate Suites and Residences★★★★★-36%810 517 View hotel
London Marriott Hotel County Hall★★★★★-12%711 628 View hotel
Cheval Knightsbridge★★★★★-23%739 571 View hotel
Crowne Plaza London - Docklands, an IHG Hotel★★★★-20%247 198 View hotel
Plaza on the River Club and Residence★★★★★-9%287 263 View hotel
The Drayton Court Hotel★★★★-39%208 128 View hotel
Hilton London Wembley★★★★-29%286 203 View hotel
Doubletree By Hilton London Kensington★★★★-17%357 297 View hotel
Royal Garden Hotel-13%361 315 View hotel
Premier Inn London County Hall-20%311 249 View hotel

Luxury doesn’t always have to break the ⁤bank.‍ When it comes ​to finding a place⁤ to stay in ⁤London,⁤ many affordable ‍options provide comfort, class, and a top-notch experience. In this‍ article, ⁢you’ll discover affordable luxury and top cheap accommodation options in London.

Affordable Luxurious Accommodations in London

London, with its rich history, world-class attractions, and diverse culture, has become‌ one⁤ of⁤ the most visited cities in the world. Consequently, it offers a wide variety of accommodations. However, if you’re⁣ looking for something both luxurious⁣ and budget-friendly, there are‍ plenty of options to‌ consider.

– The Z Hotels

With various ‍locations across London,​ Z Hotels ‌are renowned ⁢for their sleek design ‌and​ compact rooms.⁣ Despite the size, they provide a luxurious feel without a substantial price tag.

– CitizenM Hotels

These are some‍ of the trendiest hotels⁣ in London. With a‍ focus on ⁤innovative technology, contemporary‌ design, ​and providing a unique experience,⁤ CitizenM offers affordable luxury.

– Point A hotels

Offering substantial⁢ comfort and well-designed rooms in prime locations, Point A hotels are a perfect solution for those​ seeking a mixture of affordability and luxury.

Savvy Saving Tips

To‌ help ⁤you make the most ⁣of your budget while still enjoying⁢ luxury, here are some strategies to consider:

  • Book your accommodation ahead of time: Hotels usually⁢ offer discounted ​rates for‌ early‍ bookings.
  • Travel off-peak: If ‍possible, ⁤try to plan your stay during‍ the off-peak season, when prices are usually‌ much lower.
  • Utilize discount websites: ⁢Websites‌ such as, Expedia, and typically provide discounted rates on⁤ many higher-end⁤ hotels.
  • Consider serviced apartments: ⁤Serviced apartments‍ can be⁤ a more budget-friendly ⁤option for longer stays as they⁢ provide the ⁢amenities of a hotel at a fraction of the cost.


    What is the average ‍cost of a hotel room ⁢in‌ London?

    Prices can vary‌ greatly, but on average, a ⁢hotel ‍room in London will cost around £100-£150 per night.

    Are there any hidden fees to​ be aware of when booking a hotel‌ in London?

    When​ booking, be sure to check if⁣ your hotel charges for ‌extras such ⁤as WiFi, ​breakfast, or use of the gym.

    When⁢ is the ⁤best time to visit London for cheaper hotel rates?

    The‌ off-peak seasons – typically between January and March – are generally cheaper times to visit.

    In Summary

    There’s no need ‌to compromise comfort for ⁤cost⁢ during your stay in London. With careful planning,​ savvy strategies, ‌and an awareness of the best‌ locations, you can ⁣discover affordable luxury in ⁤some of the⁤ top cheap accommodation options in London. Is it time you ​lived the high life ⁣in London, for ⁤less?