Christmas lights London tour

Christmas Lights London Tour: Cheap Flights

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As the days ⁢grow shorter and the winter chill sets in, one of ⁢the highlights of the festive season ⁣in ⁢the capital city of England remains the Christmas ⁣lights ‌London tour.⁢ Watching the ⁣city sparkle with stunning light displays ⁢and vibrant colours is an experience that invigorates both locals and tourists alike.

Journey Through the Christmas Lights London⁢ Tour

London’s Christmas lights have a charm of their own, illuminating the city’s landmarks and offering⁣ a resplendent aesthetic allure. An integral part of the London festive​ experience, these Christmas lights not only brighten up ⁣the⁣ city’s skyline ⁤but also, symbolize celebration, unity and the city’s multicultural spirit.

The most spectacular displays of Christmas lights London tour typically include the Oxford Street Christmas lights, ‌Regent Street Christmas lights, and ⁢the Covent Garden Christmas lights. Debuting in the 1950s, Oxford Street boasts one of the most famed light displays,​ having evolved incredibly​ over the⁢ years ‌to include⁣ over 2200 glowing orbs. Regent Street, on the other hand, are a nostalgic nod‍ to the​ vintage Christmas‍ vibes⁤ with ⁣its glorious angels‍ dangling above the‌ street. Covent Garden, the heart of London’s theatre district, graces Londoners with⁤ a⁤ massive Christmas tree and an ‍awe-inspiring spectacle of over 100,000 lights.

Tips ‌on Enjoying the Christmas Lights London Tour

For an unmatched experience of ⁤the Christmas lights London tour,⁤ here are some tips that might come in ⁢handy:

  • Plan Ahead: Mapping ⁣out the locations⁤ of different Christmas light displays‍ can save time and ​prevent ‌missing any important spot.
  • Weather ⁢Check: Winter weather in⁤ London can be unpredictable, dressing warm and carrying an umbrella​ is advised.
  • Public Transport: Opt‌ for public transport as specific areas in central London operate on traffic-free days during this season.


    1. What is the best time to see the Christmas lights ​in London?

    The⁣ Christmas lights​ in London generally ‍start⁢ from early November and last until the ⁤first week of⁣ January. ⁤The illuminations typically start‍ around 4 PM ⁤every evening.

    2. Is there any charge for viewing the Christmas lights?

    The Christmas lights are displayed in public areas and streets, hence, viewing them is absolutely free. However, some organized tour operators might charge for their special services.

    3. ‍Are there any other activities associated with the Christmas lights display?

    Yes, the Christmas lights ‌are often ⁢accompanied⁣ by numerous festive activities, like shopping​ at Christmas markets, ice-skating, carol concerts, and more.

    Wrapping‌ Up

    A spectacle in every sense, the Christmas lights London⁢ tour envelops the ⁤city in a merry glow,‌ enticing people into the festive ‍spirit. The lights not only symbolize the onset of Christmas but ​also emphasize the magnificence of London itself. So, let the glitters of joy fill your heart, as you⁤ embark on this ⁢luminary London journey ⁣this festive‍ season. An experience that’s literally “lit”, the Christmas lights London tour is⁤ definitely a must-add to your winter travel bucket list by booking your cheap flight to London.