The Cheapest Hotel in London

The Cheapest Hotel in London

London, the land of the Queen, towering⁤ landmarks, and radiant culture, is a‌ thriving metropolis that enchants millions of tourists each year. Though famed for luxury accommodations, you might be surprised to⁢ unearth the hidden treasure of the cheapest hotel in London, inviting you to soak up the city’s allure without breaking the⁢ bank.

The Cheapest Hotel in London Today

Finding affordable accommodations in such a metropolis can be a challenge. This article aims to guide budget-conscious travelers in their search for the cheapest hotel in London. From renowned budget chains to last-minute deals and student-friendly accommodations, we will explore various options to help you make the most of your London experience without breaking the bank.

Premier Inn London

Premier Inn is a popular budget hotel chain with multiple locations across London. Known for its comfortable rooms, convenient amenities, and affordable rates, Premier Inn offers a reliable option for travelers seeking the cheapest hotel in London. With well-appointed rooms, free Wi-Fi, and on-site restaurants, Premier Inn ensures a comfortable stay without compromising on quality.

To find the cheapest Premier Inn in London, it is recommended to utilize the hotel’s official website or reputable hotel booking platforms. These platforms often provide comprehensive information about room rates, availability, and any ongoing promotions. Additionally, consider booking in advance or during off-peak seasons to secure the best deals. Premier Inn’s locations span across central London and its outskirts, allowing you to choose a hotel that suits your preferences and budget.

Hotels in London: 3 stars

HotelStarsDiscountPrice before and discountSelect dates
Leaside Hotel★★★-20%145 116 View hotel

Cheap Hotels in Central London

While central London is typically associated with higher accommodation costs, there are still affordable options for budget-conscious travelers. Cheap hotels in central London provide convenient access to the city’s attractions, ensuring a memorable stay without breaking your budget. These hotels often offer basic amenities, clean and comfortable rooms, and favorable locations for exploring the city.

Consider staying in areas such as Paddington, King’s Cross, or Bayswater, which tend to offer more affordable rates compared to the bustling city center. Additionally, be flexible with your travel dates and consider booking during weekdays or off-peak seasons to secure better deals. By exploring these options, you can find cheap hotels in central London that meet your budgetary needs while providing a convenient base for your adventures.

Hotels in London: Cheap hotels

HotelStarsDiscountPrice before and discountSelect dates
Book A Bed Hostels-32%64 43 View hotel
St Christopher's Greenwich-28%65 47 View hotel
Palmers Lodge★★★-45%111 61 View hotel
St Christopher's Inn Camden-17%76 63 View hotel
Dover Castle Hostel-16%68 57 View hotel
PubLove @ The Exmouth Arms, Euston-20%134 107 View hotel
Safestay London Elephant & Castle-47%111 59 View hotel
OYO The Arch Wembley★★-15%123 104 View hotel
Hostel One Notting Hill-25%157 119 View hotel
9 Elliott Road-7%63 59 View hotel

London Cheap Accommodation for Students

London is home to several universities and attracts a large population of students. For students seeking affordable accommodations, there are options available that cater specifically to their needs. Many student residences and dormitories offer short-term stays or summer accommodation options that provide affordable rates for students visiting or studying in London.

To find cheap accommodation for students or compact rooms in London, it is advisable to reach out to universities or educational institutions in the city. They often have dedicated housing offices that can provide information on affordable options or temporary stays. Additionally, there are online platforms that specialize in connecting students with available rooms or shared apartments in London. These platforms allow students to connect with local landlords or fellow students who may be subletting their rooms, offering cost-effective solutions for short-term stays.

Hotels in London: 1stars

HotelStarsDiscountPrice before and discountSelect dates
Central London Rooms-5%159 151 View hotel
Dolphin Inn - The Lodge-17%141 117 View hotel
City View Hotel Stratford-33%130 87 View hotel
Corbigoe Hotel-28%78 56 View hotel

Frequently Asked Questions

What are⁤ the check-in⁣ and ‍check-out times at the Generator Hostel London?

Check-in begins‌ at 2 pm, while check-out wraps up by 10 am.

Is there Wi-Fi ‌available at the hostel?

Yes, the Generator Hostel ⁣London⁢ offers free⁣ unlimited‍ Wi-Fi to its ​guests.

Do ‍the dorm rooms have lockers for safekeeping of valuables?

Yes, secure lockers are provided in each dorm room.


Stripped of conventional notions, staying at the cheapest hotel in London encapsulates an essence of affordability without compromising comfort, convenience, ​and fun. These⁣ budget-friendly accommodations ⁢ are ushering a new era of travel, where experiences surpass extravaganza. Next time⁣ you ⁣pack your bags, let London’s budget haven redefine your idea of value-based lodging. Navigate⁢ the city’s magic and majesty with the reassurance that⁣ experiencing London need not be a royal spending spree.