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Cheap Modern Hotels in London Booking

Hotels in London: 5 stars

HotelStarsDiscountPrice before and discountSelect dates
Redchurch Townhouse★★★★★-9%479 435 View hotel
Taj 51 Buckingham Gate Suites and Residences★★★★★-34%810 536 View hotel
The LaLit London★★★★★-19%355 286 View hotel
The Berkeley★★★★★-17%1 098 908 View hotel

Hotels in London: 4 stars

HotelStarsDiscountPrice before and discountSelect dates
Croham Park Bed & Breakfast★★★★-9%136 123 View hotel
Old Thatch Bambers Green★★★★-22%158 124 View hotel
room2 Chiswick Hometel★★★★-32%245 167 View hotel
The Clerk & Well Pub and Rooms★★★★-11%379 337 View hotel
Iolanthe★★★★-13%117 102 View hotel
The Henrietta Hotel★★★★-13%472 411 View hotel
Wilde Aparthotels by Staycity Covent Garden★★★★-8%334 309 View hotel
Native Bankside★★★★-24%310 236 View hotel
Bermonds Locke★★★★-29%264 187 View hotel
Apex Temple Court Hotel★★★★-6%350 329 View hotel


Hotels in London: 3 stars

HotelStarsDiscountPrice before and discountSelect dates
Arosfa Hotel London by Compass Hospitality★★★-16%254 214 View hotel
Courtyard by Marriott Luton Airport★★★-19%182 148 View hotel
ibis London Canning Town★★★-23%174 135 View hotel
The Brook Green Hotel★★★-40%285 171 View hotel


Hotels in London: 2 stars

HotelStarsDiscountPrice before and discountSelect dates
Star Hotel★★-25%140 105 View hotel
Stansted Lodge Guest House★★-13%86 74 View hotel
72QT★★-30%160 112 View hotel
Marylebone Inn★★-26%317 235 View hotel
Kip Hotel★★-14%128 110 View hotel
Central Comfort Rooms★★-39%157 95 View hotel
St Athans Hotel★★-25%152 114 View hotel
Angus Hotel★★-20%125 100 View hotel
Central Station★★-38%278 174 View hotel
Earls Court Hotel★★-55%163 73 View hotel


Visiting England’s capital city does ⁤not necessarily ⁤mean breaking the bank with ​London accommodations. Thanks to a range of cheap ‍modern hotels ‍in London, experiencing this global⁢ city and everything ⁤it brings ⁢to the table has never been more affordable.

Exploring Cheap Modern Hotels in London

This article serves as your ⁤guide to an array of cost-effective yet comfortable and trendy hotels that do not compromise on quality​ or location.

  • OYO Townhouse Apollo: Situated‍ near the Apollo Victoria Theatre, ⁣this⁣ modern hotel offers cozy rooms with⁣ flat-screen TVs, free Wi-Fi,⁣ and a comfortable workspace.
  • Point A Hotel: Nestled in the heart of ⁢Shoreditch, ‍this stylish yet budget-friendly hotel boasts⁣ a⁢ prime location, sleek rooms, and a host of essential amenities.
  • Travelodge:‍ With ‍numerous branches⁣ across the ​city, Travelodge offers straightforward, comfortable rooms ‌for ‍travelers on⁤ a budget.

Amenities at an Affordable Price

Most⁢ cheap modern hotels in London​ are not⁤ only stylish and convenient but also equipped with a range of amenities to serve the 21st-century traveler.

  • Connectivity

Modern travelers understand the importance of staying ‌connected.‍ Thus,⁤ cheap modern hotels in London ensure Wi-Fi accessibility.

  • Food & Beverage Options

Many of these hotels also offer reasonably priced food ⁣and beverage ​options and some‍ even ⁢have⁢ onsite bars and restaurants.

  • Accessibility

These affordable venues typically enjoy​ prime locations, making it easy to explore London’s iconic sights and attractions. Whether it is museums, shopping ​districts, or theater⁤ scenes, these hotels have got you‍ covered regarding accessibility.

⁣How to Book Cheap Modern Hotels in London?

When it comes to booking your desired hotel, an array of platforms can⁢ help you secure⁤ the best deals.

  • Check Reviews and Ratings

Before finalizing your‌ booking, ensure to check reviews⁤ and ratings ⁣from previous guests. ​It gives an​ idea of what⁤ to expect. ​Websites like​ London to Fly offer honest and unfiltered reviews, crucial when making your selection.

  • Search for Non-refundable⁢ Rates

Non-refundable rates are often⁣ cheaper, making​ them a great option if your travel‌ plans are​ certain.

  • Increased Cleanliness Standards

These hotels adhere to protocols⁣ around enhanced‌ cleaning, social distancing, and masked staff to ensure ⁢a Covid-19​ safe environment.


1. Is it safe to ⁤stay in‌ hotels during the ⁣Covid-19 pandemic?

Yes, most hotels have increased their cleanliness ⁣standards ​and follow ⁣social distancing guidelines.

2. How can I ‍get the best⁤ deals on hotels in London?

Use hotel booking websites to compare rates, check ‍for special deals, and‍ take advantage of any loyalty programs.

3. Are ​cheap London hotels centrally located?

Yes, many affordable London hotels are centrally situated, enabling easy access to major attractions.

In Conclusion,

London is renowned for its culture, history, and vibrant atmosphere. Visiting this wonderful city need not⁤ be expensive. With a selection of cheap modern hotels available, you can experience all London has to offer without it‌ costing an‍ arm and a leg.

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