Cheap Flights to London December 2024

Cheap Flights to London December 2024

Cheap flights to London

OriginDeparture atReturn atFind tickets
Vienna14 May 202416 May 2024Tickets from 44
Milan4 May 20247 May 2024Tickets from 46
Prague9 May 202414 May 2024Tickets from 47
Berlin14 May 202415 May 2024Tickets from 49
Belgrade1 October 20246 October 2024Tickets from 51
Frankfurt14 May 202417 May 2024Tickets from 51
Salzburg8 May 202413 May 2024Tickets from 52
Valencia9 May 202414 May 2024Tickets from 54
Dublin4 May 20246 May 2024Tickets from 56
Cork4 May 20246 May 2024Tickets from 56


Cheap flights to London

OriginDeparture atFind tickets
Bilbao6 June 2024Tickets from 15
La Rochelle30 April 2024Tickets from 16
Venice6 May 2024Tickets from 17
Malaga15 May 2024Tickets from 17
Vienna15 May 2024Tickets from 18
Barcelona21 May 2024Tickets from 18
Gdansk10 July 2024Tickets from 18
Rome16 May 2024Tickets from 19
Milan15 May 2024Tickets from 19
Prague25 May 2024Tickets from 19


Flights that have been found on our website

Origin - DestinationDeparture atFind tickets
Naberezhnye ChelnyTyumen30 April 2024Tickets from 10
NamanganTashkent27 April 2024Tickets from 10
SamarkandTashkent26 April 2024Tickets from 14
KaliningradSaint Petersburg25 April 2024Tickets from 16
KazanSaint Petersburg25 April 2024Tickets from 16
SamaraSaint Petersburg25 April 2024Tickets from 16
MoscowMurmansk25 April 2024Tickets from 18
UfaSaratov30 April 2024Tickets from 18
MoscowNizhniy Novgorod30 April 2024Tickets from 20
Nizhniy NovgorodMoscow30 April 2024Tickets from 20


Yearning⁣ to⁣ experience⁢ the Christmas magic in one ​of the world’s ⁣most enchanting cities? Your dream might be closer to reality than you think. Securing cheap flights to London in December 2022​ is ⁤no far-fetched concept. Indeed, it’s your ticket to a memorable holiday season!

Tapping into Low-Season‌ Travel

Visiting a city like London during the⁢ holiday season might⁣ seem like a premium affair. But few realize that early December qualifies⁢ as low-season⁤ travel. Due to the drop in tourist numbers, many airlines lower their fares to ⁤attract travelers. According to Skyscanner, flight ⁣prices⁣ from‌ the US to ⁢London can drop by an average ‍of ⁢15% during early‌ December!

Airline booking stats suggest​ a sharp increase in flight​ prices during the last two weeks of December. So, a proactive approach‍ in ‍securing your flights early December could cut down your travel‌ expenditure significantly.

Moreover,⁣ most‌ people might not connect “cheap”​ with “direct flights“.‌ But London’s six international airports ensure you can find a direct, cost-effective route from almost anywhere in the world. It’s not​ uncommon to‌ find direct flights from New York to London, for instance, starting from as low as $400 in early December.

Scoring the ‌Best Flight Deals

Looking for the perfect blend of ‍price, comfort, and timing ⁣in your​ flight ⁤booking can feel overwhelming. Here are ⁤few strategies to pin down that elusive, cheap flight to London ⁢in December 2022:

  • Start Early: Airlines generally release their ⁣flight schedules 11 months in advance. So it’s never too early‍ to start looking for deals.
  • Flexibility Pays Off: When it comes to ‍ finding cheap ​flights, flexibility is key. Consider flying in the first week of December or on a weekday⁢ to take advantage of lower fares. ​
  • Set Flight Alerts: Tools ‌like Google Flights, Skyscanner, or Kayak allow you to set up price alert notifications.⁢ These ⁤updates can keep you informed about price drops or increases, ensuring you book at the ⁣optimum moment.
  • Consider Nearby Airports: Booking a flight to a less popular airport may add⁣ a few miles on the road⁢ but could save substantial cash. Some airlines ‌might⁢ offer cheaper flights to airports‌ like​ Luton or Gatwick compared‌ to Heathrow.
  • Avoid Extras: Keep your flight cost-effective by avoiding extra⁢ services like seat selection, additional ⁢luggage, or ‌inflight ‌meals.


    1. Is December a good‍ time to visit London?

    Yes, ‌December⁤ is a fantastic time to visit ⁤London. The city transforms into a festive wonderland with Christmas markets, spectacular ​light displays, ice⁢ skating rinks, and more. Plus, early December sees fewer tourists and lower flight prices.

    2. How can I find the best flight deal to London?

    Start searching early and ‍be flexible with your travel dates. Use platforms like Google Flights or Skyscanner to compare fares and set up travel alerts. ⁢Also, consider booking ‍a flight to a less⁤ popular ⁤airport to save money.

    3. What should I‍ pack for London ​in December?

    London’s ‍December weather can be quite chilly, with temperatures ​ranging between 3°C (37°F) and 8°C (46°F). It’s advisable to ⁤pack warm clothing, including‌ a waterproof jacket, sweaters,⁢ gloves, scarves, and comfortable shoes.

    Final Thoughts

    Whether it’s ticking⁢ off the iconic red double-decker bus ride or gliding around the magical ice rinks,⁤ London in December is a sight ⁤to behold. Seize ⁣the chance to experience these magical moments with cheap flight options in December 2022. Book early, be flexible, and‍ let the charms unfold in London – a city where⁢ every corner whispers history​ and every ‍street sparkles with holiday spirit. ‌Ready⁢ for ⁤takeoff?