Affordable Family Hotels in London

Affordable Family Hotels in London

Hotels in London: family

HotelStarsDiscountPrice before and discountSelect dates
Hilton London Wembley★★★★-11%231 206 View hotel
Flexistay Aparthotel Sutton★★★-19%115 94 View hotel


Hotels in London: Pool

HotelStarsDiscountPrice before and discountSelect dates
The Marylebone Hotel★★★★★-5%533 505 View hotel
Hilton London Wembley★★★★-12%231 204 View hotel


Hotels in London: Pet friendly

HotelStarsDiscountPrice before and discountSelect dates
Cheval Three Quays at The Tower of London★★★★★-22%725 564 View hotel
Cheval Harrington Court at South Kensington★★★★-22%508 398 View hotel
CitySpace Acton-9%218 199 View hotel
Vintry & Mercer★★★★★-13%440 384 View hotel
The Ampersand Hotel★★★★★-9%407 369 View hotel
The Berkeley★★★★★-11%1 108 983 View hotel
Motel One London-Tower Hill★★★-17%263 220 View hotel
Sunborn London Yacht Hotel-39%307 187 View hotel
Hilton London Wembley★★★★-33%231 155 View hotel
Novotel London Excel★★★★-38%249 155 View hotel


Hotels in London: Cheap hotels

HotelStarsDiscountPrice before and discountSelect dates
Book A Bed Hostels-32%64 43 View hotel
St Christopher's Greenwich-28%65 47 View hotel
Palmers Lodge★★★-45%111 61 View hotel
St Christopher's Inn Camden-17%76 63 View hotel
Dover Castle Hostel-16%68 57 View hotel
PubLove @ The Exmouth Arms, Euston-20%134 107 View hotel
Safestay London Elephant & Castle-47%111 59 View hotel
OYO The Arch Wembley★★-15%123 104 View hotel
Hostel One Notting Hill-25%157 119 View hotel
9 Elliott Road-7%63 59 View hotel


The capital city of England, a‍ bastion of history, culture, and ⁢architectural marvels, London is a dream vacation spot for many families. However, cost can be a substantial deterrent for travelling families, especially when considering the high hotel prices. This guide to affordable family-friendly hotels in London proves that the city’s gems can be enjoyed even on a tight budget.

How Do I Find Affordable Family Hotels in London?

London’s assortment ⁢of hotels includes options for even the most budget-conscious families without compromising on​ comfort and amenities. One such budget-friendly gem is the Premier Inn London City (Aldgate) Hotel. Known for its spacious⁢ family rooms, Premier Inn also provides free breakfast for kids. While the parents enjoy a full English breakfast, for example, the children can choose from a buffet⁢ that includes fruits, cereals, and yogurts.

Similarly, Novotel London Tower Bridge is another wallet-friendly option that does not skimp on comfort. With family rooms including a minibar and a spa for the parents to unwind,‍ and a video ‌game area for children, this hotel ensures a pleasant stay for every family member.

What does it mean when a hotel is kid friendly?

Striking ⁤the perfect balance between affordability and child-friendly amenities can⁣ be challenging. ⁣The St Giles London⁢ excels in this aspect, offering economical family​ rooms, a heated indoor swimming pool, and a⁤ concierge service that’s knowledgeable about nearby​ family-friendly⁢ attractions. Additionally, the hotel has an on-site Italian restaurant, ensuring ‌that even the pickiest eaters are well-fed.

Likewise, the Safestay London Kensington Holland Park is an outstanding option. Housed in a charming Victorian building, the hostel offers family bunk-bed rooms at budget prices. The playing areas and proximity to Holland Park, which includes an adventure playground and peacocks, make this hotel irresistibly appealing for kids.

Budget-Friendly Hotels with Strategic Locations

Ideal locations don’t always have to come with a hefty price tag. Consider‌ Z Hotel Piccadilly, situated ⁣in the heart of London: it’s within walking distance from tourist spots like the National ⁤Gallery and Trafalgar Square, helping families save on transport costs. While it ‍doesn’t have a restaurant, it⁢ offers complimentary cheese⁣ and wine every ‌evening.

EasyHotel London Victoria is another suitable choice. Located near Victoria⁣ Station, EasyHotel offers bare-bones, budget-friendly rooms and quick access to‌ tourist sights via public‌ transport.

Smart Strategies for Picking Out Family-Friendly Hotels

– Look for Inclusive Deals:

Some hotels ⁣offer free breakfast or dinner as part of the package.‍ Look out for these deals​ when you are on a budget.

– Opt for a Central⁤ Location:

A centrally located hotel can reduce travelling time and transport costs.

– Family Rooms:

Hotels that​ offer family rooms generally have a better understanding of a family’s needs during their stay.

FAQ of Affordable Family Hotels in London

1. What makes a hotel‍ “family-friendly?”

Family-friendly hotels provide services suitable for all family members, including play areas, kid’s menus, or baby-sitting services.

2. How can I get cheap prices at a⁢ hotel in London?

Booking well in advance, travelling in ⁣off-peak season,‍ and looking for packages with inclusive deals can help‍ save money.

3. ⁤What is the best time to visit London on a budget?

The off-peak travel period in London is usually from January to March which is generally cheaper and less crowded.

Final Thought

Disproving the myth that​ London is ‍too expensive for families, this guide provides affordable family hotels in London options that cater to children and parents⁢ alike. These​ budget-friendly properties, well-equipped with amenities, comfort, and strategic locations, make London a wonderful family ‌vacation destination. There’s something to suit every budget ⁣and every family – all that’s‌ left is to pack up and experience the magic of London.